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September 11, 2022

Huiliang Cao
Huiliang Cao was born in Shanghai China on March 9th 1936. And he passed away in Yangzhou on May 3rd 2020. He grew up in Shanghai. He goes to Beijing after his first job at Shanghai Yang Shu Pu power plant. He married his wife Peikun Wu in Beijing and they both spent most of their life time in Beijing except 15+ years in Shanxi province during the 1970s and 80s. Both of them are electric engineers for power plant design. They have an adopted son – Penghua Wu from Peikun Wu’s younger sister.

About Celestis

Celestis is the only company to have successfully conducted 20 Memorial Spaceflight missions, and the only company to be selected by NASA to honor one of its scientists. For nearly three decades, Celestis has been an iconic pioneer and global leader of the commercial space age.

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