Featured: Nichelle Nichols Tributes

Tribute by Kara Hughes

For Nichelle Nichols

She blazed like a comet across the night sky
Courageous, bright and sublime –
Carried herself with grace and strength
A powerhouse against bigotry, against racism
Against the belief because she was woman she was less

So here, in this reverent silence
I, and all the others, bid you farewell,
May you at the end of all things
Our glorious, glorious Uhura
Rest in final peace.

Tribute by Jamison Long

Nichole was amoung the wRmest most kind persons I had ever met we first met at a con in NYC and she treated me so kind, the universe has lost one of our special souls.

Tribute by Julissa Falero


Tribute by Michael Palomino

Nichelle, as my words go with you on your final journey it is my hope that our collective tributes to you also bear witness to the hope, we in 2022, have for the future; a future that you inspired.

Despite these uncertain times you taught us to have faith in humanity's ability to overcome any challenge and obstacle.

Thank you for giving us hope, Nichelle.

Until we meet again.

Tribute by Jackie Smith

I watched Star Trek TOS as a young girl. I was born in 1958. Your portrayal of Lt Uhura as well as Mr Nimoy in the character of Mr Spock as Science Officer, were indeed the dual inspiration for me to pursue a career in Science. Girls didn't do Math at the time. Well I did. Thank you for the inspiration. Go boldly….



Tribute by Kellandra Youngblood

Thank you for your unique contribution to television, American culture, and ultimately, the world. You broke barriers and paved the way for people like me.
You are truly missed!

Tribute by Sandra Milne-Anderson

To the actress goes the applause, but her spirit will shine brightly as an activist, role model, and a beautiful soul. Rest in power, Ms Nichols.

Tribute by Roseanne Circelli

DeAr Nichelle,
My love of space science began with Star Trek and watching you as a woman on the bridge of the Enterprise told me that women can achieve anything. That women are capable, confident and strong and that we can do and be anything. I always loved your character and that you had brains and beauty. Fly high among the stars and travel where no man has been before. God speed and God bless you. Xxx Roseanne Circelli

Tribute by John Blosser

You pointed the way to a better tomorrow when we learn to reach beyond the more base parts of our natures. Bless you.

Tribute by David Lang

Thank you for all the memories I hope you make it to deep space and can tell us of what you have seen… We will all miss you safe flight my love I hope you find what your looking for out there.

Tribute by Yevgeniy Tsynman

Nichelle was one of the first African American female leads on an American network prime time television series. As such, she became an inspiration and role model to many women and teens of color hoping to someday break into the world of television and the space program.
-Yevgeniy Tsynman

Tribute by Beth Clair

You or legend and you always will be. We met you at a convention and you couldn’t of been more gracious and accommodating. You and Marina were walking from the stage to wherever it was that you were supposed to go after …but when people approached you , you stopped and took pictures and was so sweet and kind. I remember somebody had a baby and you just swept the baby up and let then take pictures of you and her with Marina and it was so beautiful.Thank you.You are amazing and treasured for ever

Tribute by Corvus Brooks

Nichelle Nichols– I know it's illogical to be speaking to you as though you are still here, but in all honesty, I believe you are indeed here. You live on in the hearts of those you inspired, the strides you made, and the progress you sparked in so much of the world we see today, and hopefully the worlds we will see tomorrow. Before I became a Trekkie, I had loved science, but never considered astrobiology. You inspired my love of all things intergalactic. Live long and prosper; rest in space.

Tribute by Don Hacklander

As a police officer who grew up watching the original Star Trek, the calm, competent, and comforting voice of a dispatcher on the radio during stressful calls, reminded me of your calm, competent, and calming voice on Star Trek. God Bless and God Speed.

Tribute by Larry Sims

Watch Star Trek reruns every night. Your beauty and talent makes the screen come alive.

Tribute by Kevin Thomas

Dear Nichelle!I Loved You!You Were Beautiful,Talented & Intelligent! I Looked Up To You & Still Do!We Never Me But It's Okay Because I'll Introduce My Self When We Meet In Heavenly Places.Sincerely Yours Kevin Michael Thomas!☆~"♡"/~☆

Tribute by Arlene Rea

What a beautiful role model for women everywhere! Thank you for the enjoyment you brought to me seeing you on the screen. Rest is peace.

Tribute by Henry Reager

Nichelle, thank you for your grace, your charm, your beauty and your intelligence. And thank you for inspiring so many people to shoot for the stars !! We love you always, and keep those hailing frequencies open !!

Tribute by Deb Milsom

Dearest Nichelle, you made it possible for girls and women everywhere to dream of space and act on those dreams. Your pioneering work on screen and with NASA has paid such dividends, we now look forward with pride toward Project Artemis and beyond. Warp speed!

Tribute by Carolyn Miller

This world has been fortunate to have had such a strong confident woman in Nichelle Nichols who inspired us to be our best selves.Thank you Nichelle. Rest well

Tribute by GiGi Willis

Mission: Possible
Beam 'em up Scotty!
A special thank you, to you Lt. Uhura. You never let your dream die. Mission Accomplished!!!

Tribute by Julie & Thomas Smersh

Thank you so much for your work on Star Trek, you changed our lives and made them so much better through your work. We appreciate everything you did so much and will miss all of you deeply. As long as our star still burns, you will never be forgotten. With much love and gratitude.

Tribute by Jeff Coulter

Thank you for teaching me that I could be anything that I want to be, and then I could do it with more dignity and grace than imaginable. Live long and prosper, Nyota Uhura. Godspeed Michelle Nichols.

Tribute by Brandon Trefethen

Truly this is an amazing opportunity. Star Trek has been a very big part of many of my family members, including ones who have also passed away. This serves as my way of 1. To show my gratitude to all those who have put Star Trek together and 2. To honor my family with the knowledge that they've raised and created fans of such a wonderful community. Thank you to Celestis for this opprtunity, and thank you to all who have made Star Trek a reality.

Tribute by Eleanor Doran

Thank you for the memories. Thank you for being a constant inspiration in my life, and a reminder that I could always be better than I am and go further than I might. You have been a light.

Tribute by Maggie Griffith

Star Trek inspired my life-long love & fascination of space. It was my first introduction to what might be the future of Earth as well as many other planets & Aliens. I wanted to grow up and do what you were doing. Thank you Nichelle. I hope my descendants will one day blast off from Earth & go where no one has gone before.
Long live the Enterprise.

Tribute by Mike Peinsipp

Uhura, Your beauty transcends the Galaxies. Fly Fair and may Fair winds send you on your final flight.

Tribute by Brian Casey

Nichelle we will always remember your strength and grace. You showed millions how to stand firm in the face of adversity. Godspeed

Tribute by Israel Rocha

You were an incredible inspiration for so many, I hope one day our predecessors reach space and leave behind the illogical ways that have held us back. And that they pass by you, a glimmering star in the edge of space, on the way to boldly go where know one has gone before. May you rest in power and peace, we will miss you on this earthly plane.

Raka-ja ut shala morala… ema bo roo kana… uranak… ralanon Nichelle Nichols… propeh va nara ehsuk shala-kan vunek…

Tribute by JE Rizzo

Nichelle was an inspiring women of every race. Though the women of Star Trek were clothed in some neanderthal's version of future women, She made her a woman of strength and substance.

Tribute by Tanya Hockaday

As a child, I watched in complete awe Lt. Uhuru. I was mesmerized by the fact that a Beautiful woman, who looked like me, was 'in Space'. From that moment onward, I wanted nothing more than to be 'Like Her'. Science and Foreign Languages became my interest. I finally got to meet her, in person, when I was 20 years old.
Ms. Nichel Nichol aka Lt. Uhuru, you inspired and transformed my life. I will be forever grateful for that. I love and respect you!!!
Rest in Power!!

Tribute by Arex Gebken

Thank you Nichelle for being a genuine and loving human being. You have taught me to love, to push boundaries, and to know that I am worthy. Star Trek is a guiding beacon in my life and you shine so brightly.
Second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning.

Tribute by Eva Owens

Mrs. Nichelle Nichols has been an inspiration from the moment I first watched her on Star Trek as a child. A beautiful person and bright soul. Rest in honor, in heaven, and in history!

Tribute by Terrin Ashford

Thank you Nichelle ☺️♥️ we stand on your shoulders for the path that you laid befor le us. You are the example for all women but especially black women. We can’t thank you enough. Blessings to your family may you Rest In Peace 🙏🏾

Tribute by Jeanette Davis

You lived long and prospered. Your love and inspiration will remain with us as you travel where no one has gone before.

Tribute by Richard Tharin

She was an inspiration and the most influential STEM recruiter ever. She helped us explore new worlds by breaking down barriers. She lived long and prospered. We can still carry on her work.

Tribute by Jeffrey Lord

Thank you for all your kind words of wisdom, acting showmanship and influence in today's science. You were a remarkable and most amazing woman. You changed history.

Love you,


Tribute by Jenny Martinez

Nichelle Nichols was a trailblazer and will be missed. She helped so many people and inspired women. Thank you

Tribute by Marqus Howard

Thank you for being an example to the world that stereotypes do not define who we are as people. You helped pave a way for our generation. Your bravery and long-suffering will never be forgotten. I hope to be half the person you were whenever I grow up. Thank you, thank you, may you rest in peace in the stars. 🖖🖖🖖

Tribute by Jennifer Martin

You were a comfort during my childhood and a role model all my life. I'll always remember your eyes sparkling with curiosity about the unknown. Thank you for everything you've done to inspire the world.

Tribute by Richard Murray

Beautiful… Black.. Artist , I first saw her as Uhura while a child and I always wondered more about her character. As a writer maybe one day I will write about Nyota. But Nichelle Nichols is forever well known . She is the brilliant real road that it takes to make the fantasy character reality one day. Enjoy the world beyond time or space Ms. Nichols.

Tribute by Tracey Stewart

Forever is just another journey
Tomorrow a stop along the way
The world is dimmer now without Nichelle Nichols. Much love.

Tribute by Erik Laramee

Boy I love Star Trek. Both the show and the movies. Definitely sparked my imagination and interest in space and science fiction. What a fitting and poignant end to a legacy. Maybe she will find new life. V'Ger did!!

Tribute by Constance McMillin

She inspired many young women with her can do attitude.
Anything is possible for if you don't let go of your dreams.

Tribute by Brenda DelGado

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: Life is a journey not a destination…Nichelle Nichols has had quite a memorbable journey. However, she will also be remembered for her destination: Space the final frontier on the Starship Enterprise!.. How fitting for life welll lived!

Tribute by Matthew Lorono

My impression of Nichelle Nichols from our brief meeting is that she was a thoughtful and friendly sweetheart. The world is less bright without her.

Tribute by Miss Jackie

You opened one of the first doors of us kind for our culture and inspired us to know that anything is possible. May you, Gene, Majal & Scotty boldly go where no one has gone before and see all of the things that we can only imagine. Live long and prosper… 🖖🏼 Rest In Peace, in our vast universe… 🙏🏼🕯️🌹❤️

Tribute by Victoria Cage

Nichelle, thank you for all you have done for women everywhere and especially women of color. Rest among the stars! God speed

Tribute by Jason Archibald


You touched the hearts and souls of so many of us here on this Earth. More than you could ever realize or comprehend.

You inspired our imaginations and demonstrated true strength in diversity blazing a trail that will forever be cherished.

You deserve this next milestone and wishing all the love in the Universe to accompany you on this journey beyond the stars.

Tribute by Isaac Pitsch

I respect you very much for opening doors for other women and minorities. You showed that everyone deserves a chance. I hope one day I get that chance, at success, at love, at peace. The stars seem so calming and yet so hard to reach, so please tell me all about it as I sleep. I will keep fighting, not only for you but for others as well. Even when it gets tough I will do my best to push forward. Please say hi to Callisto for me!!
Now and forever eternal in the stars, Isaac Pitsch <3

Tribute by Jereme Wall

You were part of my childhood. You were also my first interracial TV crush. Travel well into the void.

Tribute by Sha’Ron Glass

So happy that I had the chance to meet you! Safe travels into the Great Beyond. May flights of angels sing the to thy rest. 💜

Tribute by Eric Scudder

You touched my heart and broke ground in so many ways. I am full of sadness right now, but your fans will celebrate your life and your legacy of joy and wonder will last forever.

Tribute by Carol Hammock

I was a housewife, thinking only of a career like teaching when I saw you on Star Trek. Instead, I became an engineer and was one of many that worked on the shuttle program. Thank you Dr. King and thank you Ms Nichols for changing so many lives.

Tribute by Autumn Guild

You were an amazing woman. You are an inspiration. I wish I could join you on your journey. Please say hello to my cat.

Tribute by Brannon Parker

Dear Nichelle,
Your uplifting calm and beautiful demeanor inspires the world all the while your sparkling personality excites the imagination of our collective human potential. You brought us hope here on Earth as you adventured thru the stars and galaxies. Blessed and beautiful your legacy endures and now you are truly returned to the stars from which we all were born. With Love always 🖖✨✨✨

Tribute by Chrissie Miille

Nichelle, you brought a brightness to the world that will shine forever here on Earth, in our hearts and souls, and now in the stars. Ad astra and Rest In Peace to a QUEEN!! 🖖✨

Tribute by Cindy Romeri

Nichelle, thank you for paving the way and opening so many doors for women and minorities. Thank you for giving me an example of how to he fierce and remain a beautiful and elegant lady. Take my love and admiration with you as you travel among the stars.


Hi Nichelle, hope this movie gave you a beautiful sense of the life, and i'd like to tell you respect for all this career. Nice colleagues and you were a very good person. Interstellar will be a very good second life. Thank you very very much !

Tribute by Sam Glazsd

I mean it’s Lt. Uhura. The most badass women in the galaxy. What else is there to say. Also if any aliens are reading this please go easy on us. I know it seems like we suck but I promise that as a whole humanity is good. Take Nichelle for example.

Tribute by Buffy Fowler

I was honored to me you many years ago the first Star Trek convention. You were my hero and pulled me close for a hug and picture. I am 75 years old and still cherish that moment. Thank you 🙏

Tribute by Andree Robinson-Neal

To have seen someone who looked like me, unabashedly sharing her power and poise on the small screen each week and even on the big screen, in a scifi medium, has been backbone to my writing. Thank you, Ms. Nichols, for all you have been. Safe travels.

Tribute by Wanda Abunasser

Showed me that the stars really were the limit! She inspired me to become a pilot at a time when women weren't supposed to be 🖖anything more than a flight attendant. You will be missed. 🖖👮‍♀️

Tribute by Cedric Crawley

She told the story of how Dr. MLK inspired her to remain on Star Trek at many sci-fi conventions, and often recounted that she had no idea just how impactful that decision would become. She inspired not only a generation of scientists, but a generation of people to join in the upward reach of mankind. That's what Star Trek is about. And Nichelle Nichols fulfilled that purpose.


Tribute by Michael Holland

You made us dream of a future broader and more inclusive. I was a child and you were an inspiration–confident, capable, and looking forward. What more could a kid ask for? The world you inhabited made me believe we, as a people, were moving forward to a brighter future. Thank you for that. You made the kids of the 1960s–a decade of turbulence–believe that tomorrow would be more decent and, as Spock would say, more logical. Rest assured, you live on. And we prosper. Godspeed.

Tribute by Darren Walters

An inspiration and a beautiful soul.
Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning to the place where dreams are real.

Tribute by R Bren

Strong women of every color, breaking barriers during my childhood made a huge impact on my life. We were special and there was nothing we couldn’t do – especially go to the stars. Thank you for the adventures and your wonderful smile. Enjoy your next journey.

Tribute by Jim Hovater

I have been a Trekki since the early 1970s when I'd come home from school and watch reruns of 'Star Trek'. Uhura was very intelligent and glamorous character expertly portrayed by Ms. Nichols. Her passing has left a 'hole' in humanity.

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