Featured: Nichelle Nichols Tributes

Tribute by Geraldine Braun

To a wonderful crew who is forever remembered on Earth, may you venture to those galaxies & Star clusters as you once did 9n Earth's TV screens. Peace & Long Life, Live Long & Prosper. Second star on the right, straight on to morning.

Tribute by Tamia Bible

Thank you for inspiring me as a teenager and showing me that the way to make a difference is to be yourself.

Tribute by diane barnes

Beautiful Lt Uhura, so happy you get to go on this final mission! You were and always will be an inspiration. Thank you for daring to take that leap.

Tribute by Star Feliz

Wishing you a joyous journey back home beloved. Thank you for a illuminating a path for us all back to the ever expansive possibilities of being alive.

Tribute by rosa payne

may you have a wonderful trip and peace be with you ms. nichhelle. you will be greatly missed by all thanks for all the memories they you have given us. all women no matter what color will never forget what you represented in your time. you and all the deceased star strek members will always be remembered. god bless. this is a wonderful memorial for all of you. you will remain forever in the hearts and mines . thanks also to mr. roddenberry for making star trek a great movie .

Tribute by Graciela Casas-Silva

God's/Goddess' speed Nichelle! Thank you for your courage to Be Authentically You and inspiring us to do the same. Thank you for heartening us to seek and connect with frequencies out of this world. Wishing you love, joy and success on your next mission <3 😉

Tribute by Don Wolford

It is only fitting that the stars who taught us to reach for the stars spend eternity among them. NIchelle, your grace in a difficult time inspired your castmates, crew, and countless fans to dream bigger and go farther. You made history far beyond a TV and movie franchise, and I hope your spirit, and those of James, Gene, and Majel enjoy exploring the galaxy forevermore. When our time comes, we hope fervently to join you. Godspeed.

Tribute by Curt Lankford

Go bless you, MS. Nichols. Your work with Star Trek gave me hope for the future and for all humanity. Rest in peace.

Tribute by Martha M

Although I am a recent fan of Star Trek, your impact for many black and brown children during your time is still felt now. I am a fan of the sci-fi genre and having you at the forefront of that movement was so crucial. Thank you for all that you have done with your lifetime. You opened the doors for other black and brown children (especially girls) to continue your legacy. May your journey continue in another dimension.

Tribute by Donna McClay

Celebrating Nichelle Nichols for the stellar example she gave to all of humanity by her grace and candor and for her leadership in bringing together diverse human cultures.

Tribute by Jonathan Snipes

Dear Nichelle, May you forever fly among the stars! Thank you for your inspiration, steely strength and courage! You led us into new space, and we are grateful!

Tribute by David Greer

I was only 12 when Star Trek first graced my TV in 1966. Now, I am 68 and still a Trekkie through and through. Thank you so much for entertaining us and educating us. Live long and prosper.

Tribute by Todd Whited

You were one of my favorites on the show!!! Thanks for staying after the first year! Love you!!

Tribute by Nancy Breault

Thank you, Nichelle, Gene, Majel, James, and all those who made Star Trek, and space exploration what it is today. If we can dream it, we can achieve it!

Tribute by Sarah Hackbart

I wish you a glorious space flight into the stars and beyond. You may be the first to experience new life – represent us well.

Tribute by Stephen Fisher

Thanks for being an inspiring actress on Star Trek, not only a trailblazing show but also a trailblazing cast!

Tribute by Jennifer Brookhart

I always loved you as Nyota Uhura and even more as Ibegan to be able to catch glimpses of you at a local convention where you always seemed to love us, your fans just as much we love you, just a beautiful person inside and out.
The way you inspired others to reach for the stars was simply wonderful. Your passing has left a hole in the heart of all of us. You will be missed forever.

Tribute by Bobby Pierce

Thank you so much for your efforts to bring equality to the space program and acting community. It has been a pleasure to know you and your family.

Tribute by Kathy Saville

I had the great privilege of meeting Nichelle twice at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. She was beautiful inside & out, and showered each and every person she met with such love & joy. Watching the original Star Trek as a child, I recall how her character made an indelible impression upon me. The world has lost an extraordinary woman who blazed trails and changed our world for the better. Rest among the stars, our Lt. Uhura. You will never be forgotten.

Tribute by Karen Elliott

Thank you for inspiring millions of women with your acting, words, and actions. You are a star, rest in peace among them.

Tribute by Curtis Sharpe

Like so many others, I was inspired by the show Star Trek, to become an Engineer. I cut out a photo from a newspaper of the crew with the Space Shuttle Enterprise in 1976 at Rockwell in CA. , and saw it land at Cape Kennedy for a glide flight. We were allowed to walk up and touch it. Fast forward 40 years, & I was fortunate enough to see her at DragonCon. I told her she was one of my inspirations for becoming an Engineer. She stood up, shook my hand, and said "Thank you!" Thank you Miss Nichols!

Tribute by Susan Forney

I grew up with you on star trek. I always admired you and your character. And your contribution to NASA. For women of color and all women. You will be greatly missed. RIP in space.

Tribute by Shaunita Owens

It brings tears to my eyes to hear of Nichelle's passing. Although the original Star Trek series ended long before I was born, I watched all of the reruns and was captivated by your gorgeous face. As a little Black girl from Virginia with a love for science, who was called a nerd, today I am proud to work in the computer science field, thanks to you inspiring me. Job well done. Rest well our Queen. Over and out.

Tribute by Mark Tess

Michelle I have always been a fan of yours because you were the first women of color that had a major roll on Star Trek

Tribute by C. Mickelsen

-'FAREWELL'-!!??-&!!-'THANK YOU'-!!!!-))))-!!!-'NJOY'!!!-ALLL FUTURE-ADVENTURES'-!!!!-))))-!

Tribute by John DiMarco

Thank you, Nichelle, for the inspirational example you provided, both on-screen and in real life. You will be missed.

Tribute by Jason Garrett


You were a great actress and a joy to watch on Star Trek. I met you at a Star Trek Convention in 1992 and you were very nice. I will miss seeing you on screen. Warp Speed to Heaven young lady!

Jason Garrett

Tribute by Erica Brown

Beloved Nichelle/Nyota…you changed us. Forever. Fly Free, Brave One. As a child, you made me see that I was not so strange, after all for wanting to be MORE. And I am. I bless your memory.

Tribute by Vicki Martin

I was 6-8 years old when the original Star Trek aired. I lived in an all-white neighborhood in Houston and had never even seen a person of color. I remember sitting cross-legged in front of our console television, staring up at this beautiful woman with the darkest skin and the loveliest voice I had ever heard. To this day, when I see Nichelle, I feel deep respect for this pioneering woman who introduced a child to a world filled with diversity and nurtured acceptance in my heart.

Tribute by Ivan Mayers

My beloved Uhura — You always made me so proud. I am happy that some of your ashes will "go where no woman has gone before". Your career already did that!a

Tribute by Lynn Juanes

RIP Nichelle. You sent a message to all Black Americans that said anything is possible. But you also sent a message to all Americans and others by being a part of the Enterprise team by saying higher consciousness transcends color, race, religion and gender. We all believed anything is possible. You and the rest of the Vulcan crew will truly be going where no one else has gone before. RIP. Safe travels. Thank you for you inspiration. Condolences to you family.

Tribute by Christina Nail

Your accomplishments were many, yet what I will remember most about you is your smile, full of warmth and hope. Safe journey, explorer of the stars!

Tribute by Richard Simms

To take the galactic weight of the entire black race on her shoulders and inspire all of us undervalued people to BOLDLY GO where we could not before, no words can adequately express our gratitude to our beautiful Nichelle Nichols for her courage and strength. Rest now, our beautiful eternal inspiration, forever among the stars.

Tribute by Trish Scotch-Gilston

Although I am a white woman, you were still inspiring to me as a woman of strong character. I looked forward to seeing you every week representing all women & the contributions we can make to a male dominated world. May you rest in peace knowing you have inspired us all!

Tribute by John Pellicano

I met Nichelle at comic con and she was so gracious and nice. I had a quick conversation with her and I will never forget it. Thank you for that!!


I was 11 years old when Star Trek began. Even I, a young white girl growing up in a town full of racists (hated that town and the majority of the people who lived there), could see how the impact she made in the world. I remember the kiss scene with Capt. Kirk and knew that this was a moment in history. She was not only beautiful but an amazing woman who gave us all a new perspective on how the people of the world should live and love without judgement.

Tribute by Kristaminique McDonald

I was not a small child when I stumbled on Star Trek The Original Series. I was a young, aspiring filmmaker watching all the scifi I could get my hands on. Nichelle Nichols was a shock to find on the show, but it was later learning the story of her encounter with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr that impressed upon me the value of a Black girl’s voice on screen. I cannot express the value of my fairly small experience of this woman’s life. Thank You, Nichelle Nichols. Rest Well, you earned it.

Tribute by Charles VanWinkle

Thank You Ms. Nichols! You have inspired so many with your charm, grace and fortitude. Generations of girls will look up to your example. Have fun wandering the stars….

Tribute by Alyssa Feldhaus

From one black female space lover to another, thank you for your contribution and paving the way for young women to dare to explore.

Tribute by Ralph Poore

I had the privilege of meeting this fine lady at a sci-fi convention. I treasure that memory and thank her for her fine performances and for her work with NASA.

Tribute by Margot Worthington

Dearest Nichelle, thank you for ALL your hard, dedicated work both as an actor/actress and singer and all the other wonderful things you did for so many people. You will always be in my heart as a beautiful gem never to be forgotten. Love Always, Margot

Tribute by Suzanne Sharkey

Your beauty, grace, and strength will never be forgotten. You leave us in a better place. Our world is better for you having been born. Women owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You are a true trailblazer. May your final journey be one of peace. Know that you are greatly loved and missed.

Tribute by P.L. Smith

God speed, Nichelle Nichols. Don't forget us, we won't forget you. Help us where you can.
Enjoy the view 🙂

Tribute by Mary Ann Kienapple

Nicelle's character on Star Trek made it easy to see myself working in science and research. Star Treks diverse characters made the world of multi-racial cooperation normal in this young girls eyes. I did go into engineering and computer science. Thank you Nicelle! Enjoy your trip to the stars!

Tribute by Raymond Vallieres, Jr.

The Western World had pioneers discovering and exploring the wildernesses, and meeting new populations. Nichelle Nichols, who acted the character of Lt. Uhura in the original cast of Star Trek, was a pioneer for the future.

Tribute by Joshua Villanueva-Islas

Thank you for being an inspiration to so many people of color! Both in the arts of film and television and affirming that anyone can reach the stars! You will be missed! 🖖🏼

Tribute by Mary Brod


I hope your flight goes well. Please remember our beautiful pale blue dot as you traverse the stars and seek new adventures. Take only our love and our goodness with you to share with eternity and leave behind all that holds us back as a species.

Thank you for being an inspiration to humanity. We will miss you!


Tribute by Jennifer Blackman

You broke barriers and glass ceilings when you exploded strange new worlds, you made it possible for little girls to boldly go where no woman had gone before. Thank you! May your stardust shine brightly to continue inspiring women to seek out new adventures and to break barriers and glass ceilings as you did. 🖖 As a woman and as a Trekkie, I hope that in my life, I can honor yours and all you've done.

Tribute by Lisa Sharf

How appropriate that you will spend eternity with your friends among the stars. Your legacy is one of hope, vision and perseverance. May you, Jimmy, Majel and Gene rest in peace and starlight.

Tribute by Carl Jackson

Dear Nichelle Nichols, we named our daughter Nyota Uhura after your heroic character on Star Trek because she was always a bright shining star of freedom and we hope your legacy will live on through our daughter who at 14 already wants to be an aerospace engineer!

Tribute by Jay Kalisvaart

Nichelle, you were a true inspiration, and I genuinely believe one of the greatest women of our time. You undoubtedly achieved one of the greatest missions in life, which is to make our world a better place. Space is a fitting final resting place for you, as you have helped to send so many others before up into that great beautiful expanse. As a woman you taught me strength and will power, and I will carry you with me in my heart for the rest of my life, as I know many others will. You are loved

Tribute by Ann Moorehead

Ms Nichols, I hope you go peacefully on this next step of your journey with the same self assurance and confidence you've always had. Showing that women are skilled, intelligent and fierce. Thank you.

Tribute by Susan Thatcher

I'm so glad you're traveling where your imagination helped take us. And I'm also happy you're not going alone. In Trek VI "The Undiscovered Country," Uhura got to be the one to figure out how to beat the bad guys. "That thing's gotta have a tailpipe" is still one of my favorite lines. Thank you for all, Ms. Nichols (Including your voice in the theme). Rest among the stars.

Tribute by Aaron Yeaton

Of course it had to be a series like Star Trek to show that in space flight, and the exploration of new worlds, all are welcome, and all will be welcome going forward. Nichelle was and is a trailblazer for anyone wanting to step into the final frontier. "All hailing frequencies open" to all, everywhere, throughout the galaxy.

Tribute by Donald Shackleford

A real lady through and through. you have been my guide my protector and friend since I was 5 years. Rest in Peace you did good

Tribute by Louise Percival

Have watched even as a child & to an adult & to a Grandma! We all loved Star Trek. To be honest the whole family watched it! I could watch it all again! I do miss it! I'm 66 yrs old & I still love to watch when I can! As I write this I've got the theme tune in my head! 😄😄 Best wishes, xx kind regards, 🇬🇧 Lou Percival xx

Tribute by Rachel Ross

You will never know the impact you've had on me and so many others. Just seeing your face among the original cast of Star Trek was truly inspiring, and it made it ok for Black girls to dream beyond what they could see. Thank you for being you!

Tribute by Aly Mowbray

Soar into the deep of space knowing that you changed planet Earth for the better. Love you always.

Tribute by Sal Robertson

500 characters is far too few for such a wonderful human being. The world misses you, Nichelle. I am grateful for your contributions to space exploration in real-life as well as your wonderful acting and singing.
I was too young to know it in 1967 when Martin Luther King, Jr. advised you to stick with Star Trek, but I am so grateful that he did. Your contributions to diversity and inclusion mean so much! Thank you!
I wish I could have met you. Fly high, and Hail the Traveler!

Tribute by Amy Angel

Your mission changed space flight on Earth. Your mission continues to the universe. Live long and prosper!

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