Featured: Nichelle Nichols Tributes

Tribute by Rich S2

Thank you for inspiring generations past present and future to break molds and make their way into the unknown. A true model of greatness.
Rest in space!!

Tribute by Roger Russell

I wanted to thank you for being so much a part of my life. We never met and yet I feel like I have knownn you forever. When I was down you & Star Trek lifted me up. Whe I lost hope you gave it to me. Part of the man I became is due to you. I am forever grateful. Bless you!

Tribute by David Whitaker

You and the crew of all Enterprises were there for me during the hard times in my life. Accept my thanks and my heart sings knowing that you and the Roddenberry's and Mr. Doohan will have an eternal ride to those strange new worlds. So many people love you all – as do I.

Tribute by Patrick White

May you find peace as you rest amongst the stars as none can shine as bright as your inspiration to generations.

Tribute by Aidan Woodrow-Beckett

Nichelle Nichols has inspired generations of people. She was a pioneer, a trailblazer, and a true icon. The Star Trek franchise has been my refuge from the difficulties of life. It is a place where intellect and talent are not targeted or hated, but celebrated and cherished. Nichelle Nichols was a huge part of a universe that has brought joy to so many people. She has helped save lives. She will be dearly missed by those of us who remain earthbound. Boldly go, Lieutenant Uhura. 🖖

Tribute by Janice Mozee

Thanks for your contribution to the betterment of all humankind. The cultural significance of your being a Black Woman is memorialized forever. Rest in Peace. " Lt. Uhura", Rest in Space.

Tribute by Kevin Lyons

Miss Nichols, you have inspired multiple generations of Blacks, women and people of all walks with your portrayal of Lt Uhura. My daughters will know your story as I introduce them to the show! God be with you as you ascend!

Tribute by Margarita Urrely

I simply want to say; Thank you. Thank you for all that you have given us, for inspiring all of us. I'll see you in the stars.

Tribute by Meredith Leonard

Nichelle Nichols' portrayal of Lt. Uhura was an inspiration to me as a young girl. If a woman could be a valuable member of Starfleet, why couldn't I accomplish something just as great? My love and prayers to her family.

Tribute by Tommy Joseph

Your kiss with William Shatner was the first such interracial interaction that I had ever seen and it had so much meaning. Also, generally, I just loved your portrayal of Uhura. Thank you, and best wishes on your mission!

Tribute by Roy Foster

Changing the world for the better comes about through individuals choosing to contribute to a brighter collective future. Nichelle did that, and her legacy continues to do that. God Speed Nichelle Nichols.

Tribute by Alice C. Ferguson, PhD

Dear Nichelle – Lt. Uhura, I mean – take your shining light, your beautiful, trailblazing energy, into the stars with peace and pride. Shine your love down on us forever. Hang out with James Doohan -er, Scotty – and show the universe what Earth women truly are – fabulous, like you. When my time comes, Open Hailing Frequencies and Beam Me Up too!

Tribute by Taraz Martinez

"THe earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens." Baha'u'llah. You and Star Trek inspired me to become a Bahai and a lover of all mankind.

Tribute by Cliff MCCULLOUGH

Thank you, Ms. Nichell Nichols, for being such an inspiration to us all. In the Name of Jesus, God Bless You. Peace be with you forever.

Tribute by Steven Boyle

Thank you Nichelle for everything that you contributed to humanity. You pioneered a movement that has lasted generations generations and will continue for generations and eons to come. Because of you my grandmother was able to work for NASA as a woman in the 70's. You inspired her and so many other women including my mother to be more than the world told them they were allowed to be. For that you have my eternal gratitude. Rest among the Stars, Nichelle, for now, for you, begins a new voyage

Tribute by Jerri Clemons

Nicholls – you showed that space belongs to people of color as well as everyone else. May your soul live long and prosper beyond our stars and through the heavens.

Tribute by Chris Triance-Martin

Thank you Nichelle for letting me grow up with you and Star Trek and for showing me how inclusive and wonderful humanity should really be <3

Tribute by Ryane Chatman

I have adored Nichelle since I was a little girl. She is the reason I love space science. She is so many things, but in the end, she is a beautiful soul and may the stars guide her way and continue to shine upon us in her memory.

Honestly, the crew of Artemis I would not be possible without her guidance and passion.

Live long and prosper among the stars.

Tribute by Randy Mueller

You are one of my heros. A thousand words can't express what you and the others of Star Trek mean to me. You made me dream. Imagine. Think freely. Have an open mind. I had the pleasure seeing you and saying hello in Madison Wisconsin with my daughter. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to have our lives touched by you. Thank you for the contribution to the world. Godspeed.

Tribute by Larry Lyons

At the age of 6 years in 1966 I watched the premiere episode of TOS. My leg was in a cast from being struck by a car on my bike. Mother put me on the couch in front of the TV and gave me PBJ sandwich and a glass of KoolAid and said "watch the space show". Been in love with Star Trek and crew ever since and absolutely adore Mdm Nichols. Now she and her crew mates will boldly go where no Trekkies have gone before. AD ASTRA PER ASPERA.

Tribute by Paul Lindsay

You lit up the TV screen everyone you appeared (casting a shadow on many of the other Star Trek characters. May that light shine in space forever Nichelle

Tribute by Solvek Takahashi

Nichelle was a shinning star and an amazing lady, her spirit will forever burn bright. She was a lady that I watched weekly growing up and in every Star Trek movie made,I was there. Glued to the screen. She made me dream and wonder what I could accomplish. She inspired me to be a better person. She always made you see what was possible. I will truly miss you!
End Starfleet transmission… =/=

Tribute by Drew Lewis

Nichelle was an inspiration to so many during the turbulent 1960s. Her role on Star Trek has changed our world forever, and continues to forge new technologies and making our future more humane.

She will be missed!

Tribute by David Lund

I was fortunate to meet nichelle at Wizard World in Madison Wisconsin. when I met her ,I told her that I felt like I knew her . she's been coming into my living room for so many years. she reached out and shook my hand and noticed that was wearing a Whimsical Marvin Martian Watch. I asked her about meeting Martin Luther King and she told me that he was a very nice man.. to be brief my moments with nichelle were Pleasant ones.
planet Earth's loss is Heaven's gain.
Boldly go nichelle

Tribute by Judy Henman

Star Trek was the only show Mom and Dad would allow us to stay up late and watch as kids in the 60s. At the time, I thought nothing of your role. I mean, why wouldn't a black or a woman be on the show? I was just a naive child and didn't understand the significance. Thank goodness you continued on the show. Many years later my children were introduced to Star Trek and then my grandson. Thank you, Nichelle, you added style and grace to a future-changing show.

Tribute by Roxanne Willock

Nichelle's character was always a source of strength . Even when the ship was in deep distress, she remained calm and confident . As a person who broke ground for so many , we were lucky to have her on earth as long as we could . Fly high and God Bless!

Tribute by Stephanie Stegen

Safe travels, Ms. Nichols; you were always the cool & calm presence during the show, but most importantly, you went where no woman of color had ever gone before. As a white child growing up during the 60's in California, I never viewed you as a black woman, but rather as a character that I could admire because of her strengths. May your family take great pride in your accomplishments & know that she will always be remembered as a wonderful lady.

Tribute by Heather Bankert

You inspired me and so many women to reach for the stars. He looked to you as a guide to show is the way to the stars. Thank you so very much always.

Tribute by Sylvester Wrather

Dear Nichelle aka Nyota Uhura,
I am trying not to cry just thinking about you but thank you for making Star Trek the wonderful show it was and still is! God bless you and your family!

Tribute by Anne Hurne

At the time I started watching Star Trek, all the women on TV were dumb blonds in danger. Nichelle Nichols was everything I wanted to be. Smart, held her own with the male officers, an officer herself, and gorgeous. I will always be grateful for her and her work.
Thank you Nichelle.

Tribute by Ed Dwyer

You were and always be an inspiration to everyone who watches Star Trek as you begin your journey into the great abyss of space we send to those who may someday find this. Here interned is a wonderful lady who gave her entertainment and inspiration to the planet Earth. You may not know who she was or what she represented but by reading this her existence has went way way into the future. With love from your fans we wish you Godspeed and say hailing frequencies closed.

Good journey Nichelle.

Tribute by Lisa B

Nichelle, I want to thank you for being a true inspiration to me. You have been an inspiration to so many women all over the world. You were always so strong, beautiful, talented and so graceful. I loved watching all the reruns of star trek back in the 90s when I was a teenager. You were one of my favourites and I even bought your book which I will always cherish. I always tell my mom that she resembles you so much back in the days when you were on star trek! Lots of love and safe travels Uhura!

Tribute by Glenda Goard

This was and still a beautiful woman who I feel has made it a blessing for women in the military that have been able to make their place in flying and going on to their passion. You will be truly missed but your spirit will live long in myself and others when watching Star Trak and so many of every movie have been in through my heart. Take my thoughts and prayers on the wings of God as I keep remembering you for your a Star in spirit prayers 🙏

Tribute by James Evans

Thanks so much to you and all of the Star Trek family for inspiring my generation to reach for the stars and our fantastic futures! You all will be sorely missed! Love James

Tribute by Shannon Still

Nichelle Nichols was a role model for many individuals. She was a trailblazing actress who encouraged all Americans to see African Americans  as vital to the future of our nation and space exploration. Thank you for your dedication, expertise, and unflinching tenacity in a world that desperately needed you.

Tribute by Alex Ficaro

Thank you so much for holding the flag for many generations to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tribute by Nichelle Masterson

Queen Nichelle, my mother named me after you not only because we were Trekkers but because you were a trailblazer. I love you and miss you and aspire to be half as inspiring as you continue to be. Third star on the right to the Final Frontier ❤️👑🖖🚀🌹

Tribute by Dawn Haussler

Nichelle was an inspiration to all women. She belongs to the stars now. Deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

Tribute by Stephen D’Acchioli

A real life trailblazer playing a trailblazer in in one of the most iconic shows in history. This tribute in space is a wonderful way to honor Nichelle. She is finally going to the final frontier.

Tribute by Bianca Rose

I always thought I'd get a chance to meet you in real life. Your biography was inspiring to this Black girl who grew up in KY where hardly anybody looked like me in the theater dept. I interviewed Nikki Giovanni once and she said of course it was a Black woman they got to answer the phone to talk to the aliens first. We have the most soothing voices in the universe. Thank you for being the quintessence of poise and professionalism, goddess. I know I will meet you some day in Always.

Tribute by Martin Montague

Thank you for the inspiration. You helped in influencing me in a aviation/aerospace career that I accomplished over much time. Those of us who are Black look up to you with great admiration. My father the "Magnificent Montague" also sends his admiration. To use his Radio catch phrase witch by the way is the name of the computer program that lit the engines to land on the moon 5 times, "Burn Baby Burn" as you burn with joy in my heart. You will go so far. Live Long and Prosper.

Tribute by Gail Alonso

Meeting you was a highlight of my life. Thank you for going where no-one had gone before and for inspiring us to go even further. Be with the stars now.

Tribute by Tim Durden

She was so much more than just a Communications officer. She represented all that could be accomplished by African American women in acting. A great sense of humor and presence on the Enterprise bridge. Gene Roddenberry was a genius with his casting of one of great members of the Star Trek crew. You’re among the stars!

Tribute by Asya Rouse

You were incredible part of representation of Black women and Black people everywhere. You are Black Girl Magic! Rest In Power!

Tribute by Ruth Landau

Look toward the light, Lt. Uhura! The brightness of your spirit was a beacon to millions of trekkies over the years. Rest in peace.

Tribute by Donna Rumans

Every little girl needs to be inspired by the courage, determination, will power to do whatever they dream of! Growing up I love shows with independent strong women. Top two on my lust were/ are Uhura & Wonder Woman!!! Thank you Nichelle for encouraging generations to stand proud! Missing you all ready!

Tribute by Matt Devney

To boldly go where no-one has gone before: may the legacy of all the people involved in Star Trek live long and prosper in those of us who follow. God speed.

Tribute by Karen Briefer

Starfleet to all ships, prepare to copy final call.
Starfleet to Lt. Uhura
Starfleet to Lt. Uhura
Starfleet to Lt. Uhura

Nichelle Nichols, thank you for your groundbreaking and inspiring work. You made a difference and your legacy will continue.

Lt. Uhura, you are clear from your final tour of duty. We have the watch from here.

Tribute by Gary Trosino

In memoriam of Ms Nichelle Nichols who continued to help me see black and white characters on television as a natural thing – which it is. I was raised with a black family on my street. I was raised that black and white were normal;) Seeing Ms Nichelle Nichols on TV breaking more and more barriers! Brava

Tribute by Raye Brown

I started watching you from the beginning of Star Trek. I was a fan and as I got older you were my crush. Much Love & Respect to You for All the Lives you influenced throughout your beautiful life!
Thank You
Raye Brown

Tribute by Allen Cameron

I was born in 1969. You had already been leading the way by that time, as I would gradually discover over the years. You were greatly inspiring to me, but FAR more importantly, you greatly inspired many people who needed your inspiration to help them find their way through this often unfair world. You were grace incarnate. God bless, and Godspeed.

Tribute by Faith Young

Nichelle, there are no words to describe how greatly you have impacted my life and other black science fiction lovers. You have broken boundaries that women in Sci fi still struggle to break today. I look to you for insipration in my own endeavors, and I am so happy to have walked on this earth while you were alive. Your grace, intelligence, and success will never be forgotten."Uhuru" in Swahili means freedom. So Uhura, You are now free to travel amongst the stars. Live Long and Prosper, Uhura!

Tribute by Eric Bigham

Godspeed to the stars, Nichelle Nichols — your TV home will now always be your future home (in reality)… shine bright!

Tribute by Dan Zimmerli

I've heard many say how Nichelle's portrayal of Uhura gave people of color hope for the future. What you may not know is even this "white" guy grew up watching her and how she and the other crew worked together, not being divided by color and understood that's the way it should be. Treat each other as humans, not by what color our skin is. Thank you Nichelle! God speed!

Tribute by Tiffany Loria

There are multitudes of women in this world that we can look to for inspiration and point to as trailblazers but so few get that recognition. I'm so happy that you're one of those who is receiving this recognition for all you do for people of color and women across the world. Thank you for your contribution and your inspiration…your legacy will live on. 🌈💕☺️

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